Office: PSA 735
Phone: 480-965-3685

Office Hours
Fall 2014:
  • PSA 303: Fri 10:30-1:30

I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in mathematics at ASU. My strongest mathematical interests lie in algebra and number theory, and I am currently working on a dissertation in Iwasawa Theory. Specifically, my research seeks to explore the applications of p-adic measures to problems in Iwasawa theory. I also have a deep fondness for classical algebraic number theory and class field theory, and an ever-growing interest in p-adic analysis. My advisor is Dr. Nancy Childress. Additonally, I take a very serious interest in the history and philosophy of mathematics and mathematical thought. From the philosophical standpoint, I am most interested in the intimate relationship between abstract mathematical language and the physical world and in our ability to use an abstract language like mathematics to learn about our natural world. Prior to attending ASU, I was an undergraduate student in mathematics at Aurora University in Aurora, IL.

Non-Mathematical Academic Interests