About Me

Hi! I am a postdoctoral fellow at the US Food and Drug Administration. I graduated with my PhD in applied math from Arizona State University.

Research Interest

I am currently working on mathemtical modeling of cancer immunotherapy.

For my PhD research, I worked in the field of mathematical biology. I studied cancer using mathematical models with a focus on temporal and spatial dynamics that arises from time delay and stochasticity. As part of the group of Prof Yang Kuang and Prof Eric Kostelich, I have worked on extracting digital markers from MRI data to infer patient-specific parameters for a partial differential equation model.

Under the advise of Prof John Fricks, I have developed a computationally efficient method to get asymptotic velocity and diffusivity of a group of motors.


  1. (Accepted) Analysis of tumor-immune functional responses in a mathematical model of cancer vaccines
  2. (Submitted) Reaction-diffusion Modeling of E. Coli Colony Growth based on Nutrient Distribution and Agar Dehydration
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